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'The Impact and Importance of PACIFIC RUNWAY'

[A Word from Our Publicist, Dusk] The ongoing success, consumer demand and industry peer recognition of Pacific Runway shows that the international market is ready for Pacific initiated fashion. The world is changing its paradigms; in the fashion industry Europe has long been the epitome, the supposed source of fashion, with the United States being the second if not equal purveyor and producer of global trends. Of course in both instances the real source of inspiration comes from the streets and culturally appropriated from ‘street life’.   However, savvy business minds and influencers have turned their attention toward Asia, primarily China, Korea and Japan (Thailand and Malaysia too have burgeoning industries), not just for inspiration but as the fount.  Asia can no longer be ignored, ‘borrowed’ from or considered ‘second best’, with its countries leading the way in everything from technology to sustainability, lifestyle to style. Australia now is perceived as a follower and only occasional contributor to the global fashion pool, rather than an innovator or leader.  This is mainly due to distance and hemisphere (which is why Australian Fashion week abandoned its pretense of being a seasonal trend messenger and is now simply Resort, an umbrella term for “year round”) but also because Australia is no longer pioneering.   The Australian fashion industry seems to have run out of inspiration, depending heavily on what the European trend forecasters deem to be The Next Best Thing.  This dependence robs the country of representation of its essence, if style is a manifestation of the zeitgeist. What Australia needs to do is look in its own neighbourhood for inspiration.  Those that can feel the future are seeing that the Pacific is uncharted waters in industries such as fashion and are excited at the potential and existing productivity. The Pacific countries have been patient, building their own individual fashion industries (Fiji leading the way in this) with all its trimmings of boutiques, fashion councils, fashion weeks, fashion education, magazines and models, and are no longer tolerant of going unrecognized as a major contributor to global style. However global awareness of Pacific fashion creativity has been slow and while there has been talk, there hasn’t been cohesive, solid action. Someone needed to visualise.  Someone needed to create something to actualize ...which is what the savvy and visionary Jannike Seiuli did.  She created Pacific Runway to be A BRIDGE between Pacific style-output and Australian consumers. THIS is the importance of Pacific Runway.  Being that bridge. Pacific Runway also strives to guide and educate designers, focusing on the marketing, branding and commitment side of fashion and helping designers understand that Pacific Runway is not so much a cultural event as it is a commercial gateway.  Pacific Runway has become a beacon of hope for Pacific origin designers.  THIS is its impact. Pacific Runway is not just a fashion show.  It is CHANGE. 

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