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MEET THE TEAM - Tahleah Maumau

PACIFIC RUNWAY is this month! A huge landmark fashion event that has become THE event on the social calendar for our community and a must see for all Australian fashion connoisseurs, it is truly a spectacle to behold, a fantastic celebration of Pacific creativity and magic ...but it isn't put together by magic... it takes a dedicated and diligent TEAM, under the gentle and strong leadership of Founder Jannike Seiuli. MEET THE TEAM!

"My name is Tahleah Maumau, I am married to a handsome Tongan, we have two children with another on the way and I am the Operations Manager for Pacific Health & Wellness."

2. What is your role at Pacific Runway and how long have you been doing it? "I’m one quarter of our Model Coordinating Team (aka the A team). Our role is to support, direct and manage our models for pre-show workshops, fittings with designers and on show day manage back of house production from beginning to end so the show can go off without a hitch. This will be my fourth year involved with the show, second year as part of the Model Coordinating Team." 3. How did you start at PacRun? "I was already attending the 2016 show when J had needed a few more volunteers, I gave my ticket away and volunteered back of house, I’ve been involved ever since." 3a. What is your connection to J Seiuli? "I’ve known J for over 10 years, initially known through friends of friends as well as through church. We came to know each other better over the past few years." 4. What makes Pacific Runway special? It’s inclusive, diverse, entertaining, powerfully expressive; all which make it a unique event in the world of fashion.  4a. What makes Pacific origin designers special?  "Their creative differences and the same passion and pride for their individual cultures." 4b. How does Pacific Runway help Pacific origin designers? "By providing a safe space to ‘run free’ with their inspired visions and giving a platform of inclusion in an industry which is traditionally exclusive and isolated within its norms of size, shape, traditional couture and target audience." ***** 5. What makes you good at what you do?  "My passion for people, authentic connection and communication. And without question, the backing of a great team. The team works spectacularly as a unit, we compliment each other with each of our strengths." 6. What is the most exciting thing about organizing an event like PacRun? "Seeing how the process and the people involved evolve. From start to end it’s a brilliant ‘before and after’. The confidence, the unity of the people, creativity, excitement and more than anything the pride you not only see but can feel in the room, it’s tangible." 7. What is the hardest thing?? "Time. You’re working against the clock to get each designers line and models dressed in almost record time to hit the runway to keep the show on time."  ***** 8. What does fashion mean to you? "It’s individual, personal and expressive - and for me should be comfortable!" 9. Do you have a signature outfit? "Not really, I dress for comfort. I’d wear jeans and a tee any day of the week paired with a statement piece of sorts to layer or wear bold accessories or a hat." 10. What colour best describes you? "I’d like to say I’m like Skittles - somewhat like the rainbow [Laughs]. Let’s say indigo." 11. What are your hobbies? "Holding out all year for Spring and Summer - not sure that counts. Reading, eating, editing." 12. If you could only eat one thing/cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mexican  13. What is your dream destination? Favourite country. Dream destination is Greece. Favourite place, Samoa.  ***** 14. Who are your favourite Pacific designers and why? "WeaveRdream: each piece is individually inspired and the intricacy of the work is incredible.  Zuber Fiji: Oh the colours! The patterns, and the infusion of woven mats. I loved this line. Tabu: last years colour palette was dark and ominous. I still think about the culotte and blazer set! 

This year I’m especially looking forward to seeing Tauivi, Vono, the return of Samson Lee and Aritaua along with the many other designers who have graced the PR Runway in previous years." 15. What about PacRun makes you most proud? "The vision, the mission, the people, the message. For me there’s so much power in unity & my view is Pacific Runway creates an atmosphere where segregation doesn’t exist - even if for just a few hours. I’m proud to be part and a witness to this type of magic."

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