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MEET THE TEAM - Faith Everingham

PACIFIC RUNWAY is this month! A huge landmark fashion event that has become THE event on the social calendar for our community and a must see for all Australian fashion connoisseurs, it is truly a spectacle to behold, a fantastic celebration of Pacific creativity and magic ...but it isn't put together by magic... it takes a dedicated and diligent TEAM, under the gentle and strong leadership of Founder Jannike Seiuli.

"My name is Faith Everingham, I have 2 sons, my oldest is nearly 13 and my youngest is 3.   At the moment I have 2 jobs, I am currently training to work as an officer in Immigration and also work at a local pub."

2. What is your role at Pacific Runway and how long have you been doing it? "My role is Stage Manager and also help coordinate the models alongside Jannike and the other ladies. I have been apart of the Pacific Runway family since 2012."

3. How did you start at PacRun?"Jannike has been 1 of my besties since high school, she asked me back in 2012 to assist her with PR when we had the first show and I have been there ever since." 4. What makes Pacific Runway special?"Pacific Runway is special because it’s in its own league. It is an event for the whole community and looks to showcase how amazing and talented our pacific people are. Not just fashion but creative arts as a whole. It is predominately a Fashion show you will not experience any where else in the world!! Has something for everyone!!"

4a. What makes Pacific origin designers special?"Their creative side is colourful, bold and unique. It’s mainstream with a twist! Has tradition, but can be edgy,  throw some Polynesian flare in and you have an array of beautiful creations gliding down the runway."

4b. How does Pacific Runway help Pacific origin designers?"It was created as a platform for Pacific people to showcase their amazing talents and evolved into a professional platform for Pacific designers to showcase their beautiful garments. Best thing is you do not have to be a well established designer. Its a platform for all levels that is both a professional and unique forum that is, Pacific Runway."

5. What makes you good at what you do?  "My passion for fashion! No just kidding!! My passion to see Jannike’s dream come alive!! Her vision for the show, and being proud of her drives me to make sure the show flows with no hiccups! So everyone who attends the show sees perfection, experiences the array of talent and walks away happy, and amazed at our people and the amazing cultures we all have!! To see appreciation for our Pacific nations from so many is definitely motivation to continue working hard at PR. Overall my PASSION and management ability is what makes me good at what I do.

6. What is the most exciting thing about organizing an event like PacRun?Getting to meet so many amazing people from all walks of life and nationalities. The ability to learn something new about the different cultures is always exciting! Plus to be apart of such an awesome family that is Pacific Runway!! There are so many amazing and exciting things that come with Pacific Runway. Each year it has to evolve, so that element of seeing everyone’s reaction to the show is also super exciting.

7. What is the hardest thing??In all honesty there isn’t anything hard about the show. I know it may seem cliché but the passion for this show and supporting such a movement makes it easy. Maybe walking that runway in front of people at the end of the show is the hardest part. Hahaha!!

8. What does fashion mean to you?Fashion for me is a way for one to express themselves!! To be bold in who they are n what they feel. It’s a way to be unique or simple. The choice is yours!!

9. Do you have a signature outfit?I am a denim girl, love my jeans, skirts, jackets and shorts. I go through phases depending on the season, event or even how I feel on the day. But always love wearing something denim.

10. What colour best describes you?!Probably orange and yellow because they are bright and vibrant. I love spring and summer and these colours always make me feel refreshed and happy. Which is what I try to exude.

11. What are your hobbies?I love sport, watching and playing all kinds. I also enjoy hanging with loved one’s as well. Going out, just living, trying new things, food, experiences, whatever really! 

12. If you could only eat one thing/cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?100% seafood!!

13. What is your dream destination? Favourite country.I absolutely fell in love with The Cook Islands when I travelled there a couple of years ago. The culture, the people and the beauty in Rarotonga was and is absolutely breathtaking. I can not wait to go back!!

14. Who are your favourite Pacific designers and why? I have a few from over the years. All have different styles that show their creativity. Tasha Lee has beautiful dresses, Aritaua and Koia are super funky and my kind of style. WeavRdream show so much of her passion and heart in every korowai she creates. Evana is definitely the first designer I fell in love with! I have also been able to wear a few different dresses of hers and the way they fit and sit on a women definitely celebrate the beauty that are pacific women.

15. What about PacRun makes you most proud?How many great opportunities it provides for our Pacific people. I am proud of my friend for pushing through everything to create this platform. I am proud of how amazing the show is and all that it stands for! I can not imagine not being apart of Pacific Runway!

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