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Meet The Dream Team - Olivia Stewart-Faranisisi

PACIFIC RUNWAY is this month! A huge landmark fashion event that has become THE event on the social calendar for our community and a must see for all Australian fashion connoisseurs, it is truly a spectacle to behold, a fantastic celebration of Pacific creativity and magic...but it isn't put together by magic... it takes a dedicated and diligent TEAM, under the gentle and strong leadership of Founder Jannike Seiuli. MEET THE TEAM!

Olivia Stewart-Faranisisi

"I am married with 2 young boys (aged 4 and 1) and currently pregnant with baby #3 due in December 2019.  My 'day job'  is Senior Case Manager at an insurance company." 2. What is your role at Pacific Runway and how long have you been doing it? "This is my 4th year.  I am a model coordinator with 3 other boss mamas that ensure the communication back stage is calm and clear for our hair&MUA, designers, models and most of all, Jannike who is front of house during showtime! Gotta make sure the Boss Lady is happy with her vision she worked all year is coming out on the runway! Lol The energy BOH needs to be very positive, the nerves are dealt with by speaking life into people, and just making sure we are all enjoying ourselves being amongst so much talent from the Pacific." 3. How did you start at PacRun? "I started as a volunteer, helping designers dress their models for showtime. I was assigned to Dan Tafeuni and his product of Tafeuni Nesian Clothing. Let's just say I did not complain using all that beautiful fresh coconut oil from the Pacific Islands

"I have known Jannike for over 10 years through our love for people, dance and women empowerment. Attending dance weekly workshops in our community, Jannike would be teaching our routines. We eventually became mothers and J had a bigger vision. She wanted to showcase a Vision of empowering Pacific women in our community and also a Vision showcasing creative arts from the Pacific. I have been involved with both her products, Women with Vision and Pacific Runway because to me, this is something I stand for and believe it can inspire the new generation to do so much more with a crippling world around us." 4. What makes Pacific Runway special? Everyone involved has some sort of a PACIFIC background. PACIFIC Designers PACIFIC Models (all of them) PACIFIC Hair&MUA team PACIFIC photographers, videographers, content creators PACIFIC stallholders PACIFIC coordinators running BOH And one very creative PACIFIC director who brings it all together. I am born and raised in Australia, so they don't teach culture in schools. We PI learn this from either family, church but when there is an event designed for our people, being in a room filled with so much Pacific talent inspires me and my Pacific pride is so proud!" 4a. What makes Pacific origin designers special? "It brings some raw authenticity of our Pacific Culture to Australia. Their stories of what inspires them, what culture means to them and how using the story of their ancestors to make MAGIC and turn them into their garments. Each design has a story behind it and to listen to their passion in explaining it is Awe inspiring." 4b. How does Pacific Runway help Pacific origin designers? "Whether they are emerging or established it is a platform to expose them in Australian fashion and especially internationally. In life, we set a goal for ourselves, take steps to get to that goal, and if PR is a stone for them to fly higher than they have to get to that goal, then our work here is accomplished. One recent designer, I look up to that did just that is AFA AH LOO!" ***** 5. What makes you good at what you do?   "I am the type that loves a challenge. At work, with family, in life. And to always make sure, regardless of the excuses we can come up with of why we cant, that I shut down those thoughts and JUST DO IT. I am definitely the most expressive one in the dream team and its important to have different personalities within us, as we are dealing with individuals (models) who can be shy and some who are just as expressive as me." 6. What is the most exciting thing about organizing an event like PacRun? "Everything. We don't see the final product on the runway but we HEAR about it through people and that's what we feed off. It gives me the chills and fire to do it all over again next year and year after etc. Behind all the preps throughout the year, the workshops, the late nights organizing, sharing on our social media platforms also and looking after our own children and families, it's a movement you cannot NOT be part of." 7. What is the hardest thing? The hardest thing is when it's over we have to wait another year to do it all over again. ***** 8. What does fashion mean to you? "Fashion gets to Express who we are as characters and sometimes shows how we feeling for that day! Whether you want to show your personality, your culture, your feelings etc. Fashion can be what you want it to be as an individual." 9. Do you have a signature outfit? "I am a JUMPSUIT kinda girl! But being pregnant atm, anything comfortable will do haha!" 10. What colour best describes you? "BLUE! Because just like the sky and the sea, life is limitless!" 11. What are your hobbies? "Dancing, music, feeding my mind for some self development, spending time with those that speak positiveness into my life. (Family, great friends)" 12. If you could only eat one thing/cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be? Taro/Breadfruit with Palusami and a fresh coconut juice I made hubby climb up to get from the coconut tree. Cant get any cuisine than that. 13. What is your dream destination? Favourite country. My dream destination is Cambodia and favorite country is my small island of Samoa! ***** 14. Who are your favourite Pacific designers and why? "Omgsh! So many. But one that hit me in the feels is Dot Stowers of WEAVER DREAM - She came in 2018 and her stories, her wairua, her family, her aura truly inspired me as a person. She took time out for each model, spoke life to them, prayed for them and same with us dream team of mothers. I love her!" 15. What about PacRun makes you most proud? "That our team can impact so many lives in one day. Jannike has the vision to bring creative minds to REAL LIFE and i am so blessed she puts the trust in our hands to make that happen from backstage. We can only do that with GOOD ENERGY throughout the whole process. To ensure that everyone in attendance, everyone involved, both FOH and BOH feel that THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, THEY ARE WORTHY AND THEY ARE APPRECIATED. Pacific Runway is a MOVEMENT that is making waves in Australian fashion. We are not asking them to look at us anymore. We are telling them, YOU BETTER BE LOOKING AT US, because that right there fires up every Pacific bone in my body and soul!!!!!"

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