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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

1. What made you want to be a fashion designer? Many things have influenced me to become to a designer I think it’s more the artistic side then the fashion side that inspired me. A lot of architecture and sculptures influenced me the most.  2. What does fashion mean to you? For me it’s shows the soul of an artist. You can see someone else’s vision, someone else’s mind, it’s amazing to see the lengths of creativity a human mind can reach or unfold.  3. Do you draw from cultural influences?  Not as much as I would like too. Hopefully in the future I can incorporate more cultural influences into my designs, I mainly draw influences from eras of fashion rather then cultural. 

4. Can you tell a little about your PR19 collection? This collection is called the “MAE” collection which abbreviates, Maliana, Atarah, Eve my dear nieces. I’ve decided to dedicate this collection to the next VONO women in line. Its a collection that’s really strong and sexy, with a powerful hit. It’s kind of the modern woman with some old school glam. I grew up around really strong women so I refuse to see myself as anything less than a strong woman and I want the same for my nieces. I think it’s so important to build and invest into the next generation.

5. Will this collection be available for sale and where? Yes. Our stuff will be for sale through our social media pages.  Social media Fb - VONO instagram - VonotheLabel 

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