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What made you want to become a fashion designer? I have always been into styling and as I narrowed down the DNA of what I look for when buying, what i want to feel when i wear something and how I want people to react or interact with me I couldn't find it.  Designing came natural learning techniques to achieve the desired looks has taken time I am involved in every aspect of the process its a joy to do what I do. No one sells what I’ve been creating it’s different its about bringing style to street wear.

What does fashion mean to you? Fashion allows us all to be creative.  When you get up and decide to get dressed and you chose to wear Urban Mizfit clothing it will shift your mood. Thats the power of fashion, it can change how you feel and it will affect how people interact with you. Fashion is an extension of your personality take the risks.

Do you draw from cultural influences? My designs are heavily influenced by the music I grew up listening to the styling of Korean streetwear and the fit I noticed when living in Europe.

Can you tell me a little about your PR19 collection what is the name or what inspires it? Urban Mizfit is less about collections, whether designed last year or this year or next month everything will go with everything. The cultural influences mentioned above will always be in the DNA of the Urban Mizfit brand. It’s about creating pieces for a wardrobe you want to wear all the time.  This type of framework is so important in this day and age where fashion is so wasteful. For my customer I am trying to ensure they understand in the Urban Mizfit world you can mix and match colours, cuts. They’re all versatile and you’ll be able to build your wardrobe with me as I grow as a brand

Will this collection be available for sale and where?

Everything will be available exclusively at the Pacific Runway 2019 show and will be made available on line the next day @

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