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1. What made you want to be a fashion designer? Fashion has always been an extension of my personality. Growing up I’ve always wanted to design, when I lost my sister to cancer I realized life was too short and I should pursue my dreams of fashion. 

2. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion for me is identity/ it’s personal style. Simply is about expressing yourself through your clothes/ accessories.

3. Do you draw from cultural influences? Yes it’s hard not to, Fiji is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Our masi motifs to our sarees and lenghas, the list is endless and it’s not just culture it’s our lush environment. That is the essence of SL Fiji designs our culture and environment. 

4. Can you tell a little about your PR19 collection? The ‘Rosi ni Sawana’ collection is in collaboration with Helava. I use inspiration from Fiji’s pristine nature from the ocean to our lush jungles and now our gorgeous Fijian sunsets on our crisp white beaches.

‘Rosi ni Sawana’ in Fijian means ‘Beach Rose’.  The rose is symbolic of our models that are the real muses of our art form and inspire our industry. This collection evokes sunset tones paired with seashell earrings and our natural woven fishing bags called ‘noke’, a nod to the women gatherers of our villages who have fished in our waters for generations to feed their families. 

We’ve collaborated with our fellow Fijian swimwear designer ‘Helava’ to bring to life our sunset inspired collection.

5. Will this collection be available for sale and where? At our boutique in Suva

Model wearing Samson Lee at Pacific Runway 2018

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