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1. What made you want to be a fashion designer? I've was always been an artist first, and it wasn't until I saw Alexander Mcqueen that I saw that fashion could evolve into so much more, ultilising unconventional materials, expressing culture and telling a story. 2. What does fashion mean to you? It's a way for me to empower the wearer of any piece I create!, giving someone power to hold themselves proudly. Fashion lets you be yourself, express without restrictions, have a voice in what you design, create outside of guidelines.

3. Do you draw from cultural influences? I am a New Zealand Maori designer (based on the Gold Coast, Australia) so a lot of my work is influenced by my culture, its a way to showcase and express the mana (strength) and express that to the world. My cultural identity is always my core strength!!  

4. Can you tell a little about your PR19 collection? The PR19 collection is called 'Revival',  It utilises all my artists skills creating Avant Garde / Customized Streetwear. Each piece pulls Wairua (spirit) from my cultural background into modern concepts, bringing a sense of empowerment.  5. Will this collection be available for sale and where? Part of the collection will be available to purchase, through contacting me on Instagram : @cheremenecastle

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