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1. What made you want to be a fashion designer? I was brought up observing my self taught seamstress mum sewing and have always loved the process of making garments specifically pattern making and designing prints.  Growing up watching the Wella Fashion shows on Fiji TV made me realize that fashion designing is not just a form of entertainment but rather a form of expression. 

  2. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion allows me to approach life with creativity, a sense of variety and diversity.  I'm in my bubble when I can create and express my soul without talking. Fashion designing is therapeutic to my soul.

3. Do you draw from cultural influences?  Definitely, 8Mountains prints signifies who we are, where we come from and what our ethics are. 8Mountains always has ethnic prints for our market.  Our prints capture moments in time and conveys a story about who we are.

4. Can you tell a little about your PR19 collection? We am inspired by the 4 elements of nature-Earth, Wind, Fire, Air.  My collection is called HANUA and draws its color palette from the Earth itself.  When translated into English, HANUA means LAND. When all these 4 elements of nature combine, it creates a certain unity and balance in energies.  It is a grounding energy that we will portray in our collection, the beauty and harmony of HANUA.  A mixture of ethnic and abstract prints whilst our contrast print is the Tropical Hanua, a Pacific Islanders version of the ideal Fijian plantation.   Keep a look out for our 2020 Spring Summer Mens line.

5. Will this collection be available for sale and where?   The collection will be available for sale immediately after the runway show. website: SM accounts: Facebook: 8Mountains_DesignerInstagram: 8Mountains_Official

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