Dec 2018 Founder/Creative director Jannike Seiuli attended the Carriageworks artistic program Launch for 2019 with over

80 projects listed for the following year.

Pacific Runway was featured in Lisa Havilah's (director of Carriageworks) speech as one of their key creative/fashion major events alongside Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 

We are very proud of our partnership with Carriageworks and very excited to see Pacific Runway featured as one of their key annual events. Pacific Fashion is now making a mark on the Australian Calendar.

The date is set for Friday 25 October 2019!!!

South West Multicultural and Community Centre (SWMACC) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that delivers tailored-made community programs to the diverse communities of South West Sydney.


Our aim is to promote a lifestyle within our community that fosters safety from crime and violence and that empowers residents to take charge of their lives. Our guiding principles are that we treat our clients as we would wish to be treated and that we work collaboratively with members, families, advocates and service providers within our community.

The NSW Council for Pacific Communities (NSWCPC) was established in 2003 as a peak body for collaborative work across the Pacific Communities in NSW.

The NSWCPC was formed as a result of the NSW Government’s Pacific Youth Partnership. This body was then established with the advice of Pacific community leaders and representatives by the Community Relations Commission (now Multicultural NSW) that continue to provide valuable and sound advice to the members of the NSWCPC council throughout its leadership since inception.

Their Mission is to empower, advocate, partner, and share information across Pacific communities in NSW, Australia.

Here at tommie we share the stories and conversations of women who want to do better, by being better. 

Tommie is not only a fashion magazine, but a destination for mindful media where we investigate socially conscious issues that are thought provoking and of substance.


We look at 'real' issues and approach all that we do with authenticity, integrity, and transparency. We will use this online space to empower, educate and inspire you on how to lead a conscious and thoughtful life.


Ahua Events was birthed from the creativity and love for ones culture. With over 20 years industry experience working in one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading Hotel Chains from corporate events to fine dining to private functions, wedding design and catering, fundraisers and the arts. 

Of recent Ahua has worked closely with Tourism New Zealand’s Australian base, to deliver the cultural component required for events located in Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide, such as Network 7 Marketing Event, Conference Innovators Forensic Society International symposium, ANZ college of Anaesthetists Conference, NZ Cycling launch with Megan Gale, and the Premiers Harmony Day Dinner 2016. 

Local initiatives include the facilitation of women’s church leadership conferences, Multicultural Harmony day festivals, White ribbon day Australia events as well as management in cultural festivals. Ahua’s passion for creative arts led to mapping an event scheduled for 2017 or 2018 yet to be confirmed. 

Furthermore with a master of education in social ecology, environmental issues sit at the forefront of deeper discussions in hopes to create a project as a charity event. Ahua believes that “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Their promise is to not make you just the client but their friend, offering unlimited options with delivery, Performance and quality design.

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