Established by proud Warumungu / Wombaya woman Jessica Johnson, Nungala Creative produces innovative content with a distinct Aboriginal voice. 

The brand has garnered an extensive network of co-creators and clientele through proven excellence across platforms – print, product, animation, illustration, social, broadcast and brand development. This journey into fashion has been years in the making and fresh off Australian Fashion Weeks FNFD runway the first range is a celebration of the style and swag we all embody even in our post casual moments - all about being comfy and cute, a little bit loud and always unapologetic.

Jessica says “I've been a huge fan of Pacific Runway, truly honoured to open for 2021. This is such an invaluable space for our excellence to shine from the catwalk to the attendees, events like these are a spectacular expression of who we are and what we are capable of as First Nations people.”




Sandra Tupu is an independent designer working from her home studio in Auckland NZ. Over the past 10 years she has been part-time with her design work as she raises her family of four. Her design work over time has focussed on custom made garments for individual clients with her most recent one of note being a Logie outfit for Robbie Magasiva (acclaimed NZ/Pacific actor currently starring in Wentworth Australia).


Sandra was involved for three years with Trash to Fashion for Auckland schools as a Judge. Also completed a theatre project as Costume designer for ‘The Nakeds do Magic’ show as a part of the 2018 Auckland International Festival of the Arts.  Working with ‘The Conch’ NZ/Pacific theatre company under the amazing direction of Nina Nawalowalo ONZM & Tom McCrory , alongside one of New Zealand’s most successful Polynesian comedic groups - the Naked Samoans.


After graduating she won awards for the following:

  • Westfield Style Pasifika where my capsule collection ‘Tatau’ won 4 awards ; Menswear, 3 piece category along with Highly commended to Supreme and ultimately the Supreme award.

  • iD Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards – (an International Graduate design awards competition) Sandra won the Otago University of Design ‘Sustainability’ award. 


Sandra says “I am excited to develop & show you my ‘Kimba’ capsule collection. After living with our family on the outskirts of Melbourne Victoria 2000-2004 we fell in love with the area and would go on many trips.  A vivid memory of camping in the Kinglake area during our time there was special. I went back to visit this area in 2010 after the most devastating Black Saturday fires of 2009.


The most poignant memory I have is of the frenzy of vivid new green plant life that had burst up around the stark black burnt tree trunks that were still standing. This inspired & led me to a more in-depth research on the history of fire upon this beautiful old country (Australia) & I became fascinated by Koorie belief & story about the ‘Living Body’ of Australia and their tradition of fire has spurred me to create a small capsule menswear range driven by shape, nature & hope.”



A  premium streetwear label, balancing a contemporary design aesthetic with high-quality materials and a proud focus on wearability. A brand redefining streetwear, through the guiding ethos of being true to yourself - by designer Gusi Brown




Public Island Society is a co-ed ready-to-wear fashion brand. Designer Iki Haangana says "I'm often in my own creative world where I purposely blur the rules of high-end and streetwear into creating a vibrant and over the top ‘offbeat elegance’. But to me it's more than just t-shirts and dresses. It's about the stories and their histories, colours and different cultures, relationships, and most importantly not being afraid of finding new versions of your energy. And you'll find that seeps into all aspects of my work."



Johjos is a fashion brand that celebrates the colour and creativity of the African diaspora. 


Designer Mayen says "We are of Nigerian, Ghanaian, British and American heritages, and our vibrant design reflects the cultural hybridity found amongst today's modern traveling society. 

This collection is called Uwemedimoh which, in the Efik language of South-Eastern Nigeria, means 'Life is Wealth'. It will feature a pleated theme to represent lines, lineage, folding, and adapting to change."


Reigning from Auckland New Zealand, John Maumau is of Tongan descent and developed a love for creative arts, specifically design; from the early age of 12. 

John was profoundly inspired when living in Nigeria in his early 20s by the vibrant colours and eccentric patterns used to express one's identity. This time in Africa as well as his love for the 90s era and his polynesian culture have played a significant role in influencing his creativity. 

In a cultural climate - specifically for men - where a passion for the arts and fashion is commonly riddled with stereotypes, mockery and sadly - shame; John had been reluctant for decades to share his designs and vision. It's been in recent years where he has cultivated an awareness and greater sense of self which has empowered him to explore and be liberated in what his creative energy can achieve. It's within this space John forged, Broken Empire. 



Designer Aisea, grew up at the feet of his Mother at her sewing machine and though Fashion designing was not in his sights then, when the time arrived, it was not a difficult transition into it.


Aisea has been in the fashion scene for 15 years with his brand  - Hefrani. Hefrani - is a Rotuman word  meaning Morning Star.


Aisea says “ My designs are inspired by our Island environment and nature, mainly Sunrises & Sunsets. Designs are Flowy, Cascading depicting ocean waves and the swaying trees etc”.


Although Hefrani has “revamped” most of his designs blending with modern patterns, there is always an element or fraction in each design that has the Essence of the Islands.

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Annamaria Kahui is an aspiring Fashion Designer. She completed Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology in 2020 and is currently studying the Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology.


Annamaria is of Polynesian and Caucasian descent. Born in Ōpunake a small town on the southwest coast of Taranaki, New Zealand. Annamaria and her family moved to Australia when she was 9 years old. The South-West suburb of Campbelltown was home to her until the age of 15 when she decided to move to Melbourne - Australia’s Fashion Capital. This is where her love for Fashion grew exponentially. 


From a young age her love for Fashion was influenced from her own mother’s love for Fashion. “My mother had a unique sense of style and whatever she wore she wore it with tremendous confidence, it really inspired me to express myself in the same manner.” 


Annamaria has always had the desire to Design and Create her own garments. Raising her two children has been the main priority in her life thus far and now that her children are in their teens she has decided that now is the perfect time for her to pursue her dreams.


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Always sketching and drawing designs from a young age, Megan Cannings has truly made a name for herself on the world stage.

Being featured in New York Fashion Week 2018, her designs captivated the audience and fellow designers. From humble beginnings in Australia's North, Megan has grown and pushed the boundaries of women's fashion.



Rebecca was a recipient of our 2019 education grant, which assisted to further her studies in fashion. 
Rebecca is a Personal Stylist on a mission to encourage environmental awareness and sustainability through her love and passion for styling thrifted and up-cycled second hand clothing.  

This collection will feature an exciting array of up-cycled one of a kind garments and outfits all created using thrifted clothing and accessories. 




KuiViti will be showcasing a collection titled Masei. 

It pays tribute to Pacific dances both traditional and contemporary and this collection celebrates the Fijian meke. Dance is a form of story telling and may we, as people of the sea, continue to strengthen our story telling practices through dance.  

Designer Epeli says “A lot of our history is stored in our meke’s (dance) and vucu’s (chants) and we honor and remember these stories when it is performed and sung.”

KuiViti hopes to bring you the mana and energy in our meke, and we pay homage to performers past, present and upcoming. 



Designer Oliveta (Oli) studied with In2Mode Fashion College, Pymble and PSA (Professional Stylist Academy).

Oli’s brand is Vintage which showcases modest, timeless fashion inspired from 1950's to the end the 20th century.

Her passion started as a child growing up, but she didn’t pursue her passion until 2016. Oli helped as a dresser back of house at pacific runway 2015 and that really inspired her to do something about it.

Her vision became a reality when she showcased her designs in 2017 at the Pacific International Runway. This opened an opportunity to be invited to showcase at New York Fashion Week, being one of my highlights as a fashion designer. 

This experience is one that she will never forget. Oli met alot of other designers, made new friends and had the opportunity to be mentored by Teddy Sedaka, whose parents started Calvin Klein. 

Oli took 2-3 years off from designing to care for her father who was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.  Now this great opportunity has presented itself for Oli to come back and showcase at Pacific Runway to launch a collection that she dedicates to her father.

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Raphgarr fashion was found at the racing grounds of Avondale or in the flea markets of Otara.  The designers have used their past to create and mold Raphgarr into a brand that is an extension of themselves. 

The garments and silhouettes created are inspired by their journeys. 
Each piece, is modernised through their history. Raphgarr designers say "our story of poverty, struggle, self-consciousness and ultimately, optimism is retold with every seam and stitch".

Raphgar injects that 90’s nostalgia and fuses both Japanese and Pacific influence in it’s comfortable and timeless colourways.



Bou Fonua is the designer behind eponymous Tongan label Bou’s.  Bou has established a loyal and diverse client base in the Pacific and growing worldwide especially in Australia, United States of America and most recently in Europe.

BOU’s slogan is ‘Quality with Elegance’ and BOU’S defines modern & trendy Pacific style. She has showcased her collections in Milan, Spain, London and exhibited as part of the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange at the Buckingham Palace.

Bou’s designs are traditionally inspired hand painted prints placed onto rich, regal palettes of cotton and silk. “I draw my inspiration from my Tongan roots and ensure that each piece carries my signature motifs. I have revamped our traditional Tongan Puletaha and given a modern interpretation.” she says.

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Neeka Taki made her designing debut at Pacific Runway 2017 presenting a couture collection telling stories of her Māori ancestory. She has since showcased at MFWA18/20, Tiki Ahua NZ & lent her styling expertise at Paris Fashion Week. Most recently an NBA capsule collection at Western Sydney Fashion show. 

This year she brings to the Runway one of one designs, demonstrating her flair for urban wear. In an attempt to push the modern consumers eye towards sustainable up cycled fashion.