Oahu Designer Meilin Vitale-Vae fell in love with the Native art at a very young age while watching her father sing, dance and spin the fire-knife for over 30 years in Waikiki. These shows captured her heart for Hawaiian art with a Polynesian twist.


From her imagination to the stroke of a pen, marker or paint brush, she began to sketch on notebooks, walls and sometimes napkins during kau kau time. 


Inspiration grew as Meilin got older. While working for her mom's garment, art & craft business, she began to dream of owning a Hawaii based store based on the Polynesian designs: Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tongan and all of the South Pacific. 


She began to cut out patterns on screens, worked with her family carving boards and began to paint on fabric and create one of a kind pieces.


After years of selling in Hawaii, the mainland and the South Pacific, Meilin started Missing Polynesia in 2001. Her first family-owned and operated small business in Aiea, Hawaii opened in 2009 offering clothing, accessories, and home décor. 


As of June 2018, Missing Polynesia added a second expansion store in Wailuku, Maui. 


MENA is a family owned fashion brand that celebrates the pacific. 

They are four sisters Agnes, Jackie, Gina & Charlene who grew up with mother Mena - a gifted tailor and designer.

Established 2002 in Samoa, their collections reflect their proud heritage and celebrates the beauty of the South Pacific.

Each piece from MENA embodies the soul of Polynesia, where they strive to inspire and connect with women to look good and feel confident every day.


Urban Mizfit launched in 2018 by creative designer and Founder Lehi Ferris, a descendant from Ngati Kahungunu.

The DNA of the brand focuses on the designers love of Anime, Japanese and Korean street wear and influenced by the designers time spent living in France where attention to fabric choices and fit are important.

Each item no matter what collection you purchase from will compliment other pieces offered. Mixing and matching colours, cuts and layering makes the Urban Mizfit brand versatile to its customers wardrobe. Its wardrobe staples that demand attention and keep your street wear look elevated.

Shop with us at www.urbanmizfit.com


Queensland Māori designer - Cheremene Castle. "Every collection i look to inspire, i look for deep and meaningful concepts to speak volumes" My cultural identity is always my core strength!! 


We are excited to introduce Hawaiian Designer Tehinamai Mataele of Tauivi Designs. Tehinamai Mataele Tafiti lives in La’ie, Hawaii. She is of Tongan, Spanish, Māori, Hawaiian descent. She has been involved in the cultural arts since the age of 5.


After retiring from the stage in 2016 she started Tauivi Designs. TAUIVI, means to “struggle through and strive”. A saying used frequently by her husbands family (Tafiti). “I married into the Samoan culture. Here in La’ie it is everywhere & in every day life. It is a huge part of my children’s self identity. And a huge part of mine.


We continue to serve the Samoan community every way we can.” With Tauivi she decided to design cultural attire specializing in Tuigas. She and Mapuana Reed began a rebirth of cultural portraiture with traditional attire. This lead to Tehina’s extension of couture, designing culturally inspired attire & neck adornments.


“I believe poetry and art are in the DNA of every Polynesian. We feel and move in all things with our soul. I also believe warfare is in our DNA as well. Our race has survived through love and war.


I love to bring these contrasting elements together because the Polynesian woman is also a warrior. Just as the Polynesian man carries the most immense love in his heart. Elegance and edge. The regality and the warrior. We possess them both and they exist beautifully within us.”


Liandra Swim fuses Aboriginal Australian Culture with on-trend premium designer swimwear. Our swimwear includes seamless designs and striking prints. All our bikinis are sold separately, allowing you to personalise your style, print and size. Inspired by our Aboriginal Australian heritage, our dream is to give you the opportunity to exhibit a slice of culture that has been tens-of-thousands of years in the making!


Each print tells a unique story, where we combine 21st century swimwear fashion with the Indigenous pastime of storytelling. Building positive and lasting experiences when you become part of our Tribe.


Kapilou is the creation of Cathy Currey of Papua New Guinea, who now resides in Brisbane, Australia. Her collection is called Summer Sih II and is a collaboration with Malolo Fabrics.


A collection made for the vibrant young women and children.

Malolo Fabrics are designed by Jack Fenton and depict traditional motifs from Papua New Guinea and around the Pacific region.


Kapilou Sunmer Sih II features every day wear that transcends time and honours the traditional roots.


Āhua Creationz is a Maori owned and operated company inspired to create unique and individually handcrafted jewellery, infused with a cultural experience that connects you to your sense of place.  They are beautifully re-imagined in a ceramic medium that expresses personal narratives of the past, present and future creating a spiritual link to one's place of birth. With over 15 year's experience, Melissa has refined her craft and spent the last year working part-time developing fresh new lines and bold new themes. She is a Mama of four beautiful and very talented children who have inspired her to never give up despite the many setbacks.


​This collection is Melissa's very personal response and indeed an opportunity to acknowledge the collective history of her people Tūhourangi, amid the devastation of the 1886 Tarawera eruption.  It speaks a narrative of heartbreak, courage and sheer determination weaved throughout the landscape and its people. It explores traditional Māori adornment with contemporary mixed media exploration linking yesteryear with a modern day context.


Melissa has collaborated with weaver Kathleen Huff, creator of 'Taonga Whenua o Te Awahou' based in Foxton, New Zealand, which is rich in history of Harakeke and provides the resources for Kathleen’s love of the arts. Being of Māori, Rarotongan and European descent, Kathleen’s  journey links her wairua connection with her Tipuna, and enables her to express her respect for Harakeke and the art of weaving. Her designs were exactly what Mel had been looking for to help bring her collection to life. I present to you ĀMAIA.


Ko Te Arawa te Waka

Ko Te Arawa te Iwi

Ko Tarawera te Maunga

Ko Puarenga te Awa

Ko Ngati Wahiao me Tuhourangi Nga Hapu

Ko te Pakira te Marae

Ko Melissa Waaka ahau


Tena koutou, Tena koutou, Tena koutou katoa.


Sal’s Creations is a mother-daughter duo of Tongan descent from Auckland, New Zealand. Sal, a dental therapist by profession, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. As a way of funding her medical expenses, she started making pieces and selling it to family and friends.


This life changing event changed her direction in life and ignited her love for the art and her culture, and she has never turned back! Using natural materials, their collection reflects Tongan culture meeting this time and era - a collaboration of Sal and daughter Cece’s different generations.


Drawing ideas from the works of Dr ‘Epeli Hau’ofa; “We are the Sea, we’re the ocean” - Each piece tells a story of migration, their heritage, their people and the influences of western culture. Joining Pacific Runway for the first time, Sal and Cece are excited to bring to the international stage their take on traditional Tongan attire. Tu’a ‘ofa atu.


"After debuting their Capsule 1 collection at Pacific Runway 2017, Lumai returns with Capsule 2 at this year's runway. Lumai offers a predominantly cross-cultural aesthetic, intersecting Papua New Guinean inspirations with Western dress codes.


Printed graphic organic tees and canvas totes (available online now) will be sold on the night with all proceeds going to the humanitarian organization, Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation who's work encompasses projects that focus on health and education in PNG, especially among women and children."


Fou is a local brand from Auckland made up of three designers (Asomaliu Tagiilima, Norah Harriman, Mary Soonaoso) who are passionate about bringing out the confidence of those who wear their garments. A love for fusing raw traditional materials with new fabrics or completely stepping out of box, Fou have created looks inspired by the stories of their people while also striving to normalise Pacific fashion and design in mainstream environments. 


Empowering people from all walks of life to embrace their body shape and feel confident begins with a talanoa and exchanging of ideas to create the best “Fou Fit” for their wearer. Striving to take their  practice to the next level, Fou is genuinely rooted in their core values of respect for fabrics, love for creating garments and mutual understanding of those involved in the process. This has made for a successful recipe as a fresh, new and edgy brand.  


VONO is a brand that speaks volumes in diversity and structure. We capture the old and make it the new, mixing high fashion with street, the 80s with the 2000’s and the ordinary with the extraordinary. It’s all about taking risks and having fun. 


We are a newly brand based in Sydney. Our concept is combining culture and streetwear.Bringing our strong Fijian and African cultures together using cultural fabrics and bright colours. We're bringing Afrijian to life.


Sydney Samoan Designer Priscilla Ale of E’vana Couture. 

A Polynesian Brand established and known for their creative and unique designs. Trend setting in Polynesian Fashion. E'vana Couture elevating their Fashion Business beginning in Ecommerce  earlier this year.




ARITAUA a name that speaks to our connection to the Pacific, where we were once at the forefront of exploration like astronauts today. ARITAUA sees us rising once again to be the Modern Navigators of our collective futures, the Matakirea, exploring the boundaries of modern technologies and digital landscapes, even journeying to the stars we once followed.

The MATAKĪREA COLLECTION - the fore-feathers on the tip of the wing, which is also used to describe the scouts or advanced guard. This Collection references an interpretation of the feathers worn by scouts and explorers, combined with a modern aviation and nautical aesthetic.


A label established in the Fiji Islands after a lifetime of dreaming. From sewing her school uniforms as a primary school student to envisioning and designing workplace clothing for her friends and family, it was at the beginning of 2018 that Libby Pickering realised that this was what she had been meant to do when she returned to Fiji after 30 years.


A fusion of cultures stemming from her Indian, Samoan-German and of course Fijian roots, Marama Elizabeth is for the women of the world. In the Fijian languange, Marama translates to woman, and ME does not fall short of representing that. Inspired by the hip hop culpture of the 90s era, to the evening wear of the classic woman, contemporary bridal wear drawing from the traditions of the Pacific and India, to the career driven female, Marama Elizabeth celebrates the female identity as an entirety. 


This collection, Who Am I? ME, takes a turn down the road of radical femininity. With the belief that women are oppressed and trapped within the patriarchy, these designs serve to inspire FREEDOM. To be a woman of yesterday, today and tomorrow calls for extraordinary strength and pride and this collection exists to support that. 


Whether it be in the gym, at your lecture, in the ocean, on the street, amongst the nightlife, Who Am I? ME, captures the versatility and grace of all women, with a superhuman and edgy twist. 


Fijian grown, Fijian sewn, and unapologetically ME. 


Samson Lee is the brains behind "Samson Lee Fiji". With the humble beginnings of a garage studio the brand hit the market in 2015, concentrating on their online diaspora market and it's growth from strength to strength.


Four years on Lee boasts a boutique in the heart of Suva business district that has established the brand as one of Fiji's premier lux fashion brands by taking his bold masi motifs prints and vivid colour combinations to tell our Fijian cultural legends and stories.


Lee was awarded the Fashion Council of Fiji's

"Designer of the Year 2019"


TAV was established in 1987 by Ellena Tavioni. 

TAV garments are designed, hand block-printed and made in the Cook Islands.  The process of manufacturing a TAV garment is very hands-on.  Fabric is cut, washed, ironed, printed and heated.  The block-printing technique evolved from the Pacific traditional method of tapa printing. 


Traditional motifs feature in most of the prints and some of them are common with other Pacific Islands, e.g. the triangle shark tooth and assorted mat weave patterns, etc. The printing of a TAV garment is done with a 2.45 metre  by 1.2-metre carved board which makes the print unique in each garment as the pattern is only repeated every 2.45 metres.


This method cannot be done with a machine.  After 31 years of experimenting, trial and error, TAV is now able to offer customers appealing, comfortable and easy-to-wear garments for all occasions.

Ladieswear up to plus sizes. Children's wear. Men's wear.

Welcome to the Pacific



We are excited to announce Fijian Designer - Moira Solvalu - John, Founder of @8mountains_official. Her designs are available to purchase throughout the Pacific in Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand and Tuvalu. 

She has a very impressive line up of achievements and showcased at the following fashion shows - Fiji Fashion Festival, Fiji fashion week, PNG Fashion week and Royal Polynesia week. Follow @8mountains_official to see more of her amazing work.

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